Raquelle's Dance Studio

Pre-Dance: 1/2 hour class, 2.5-3 yr. olds, three 8 week sessions begining in September

Tuition: $84/session

This class is a non-recital based class for 2-3 yr. olds, introducing the young dancer to the basics of dance in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Students learn body control and flexibility through creative movement as well as basic ballet terms and technique. Cooperative learning, as well as listening and following directions are emphasized to prepare the child for more organized dance classes as they get older.

Introduction to Dance - 3/4 hour class, 3-5 yr. old , Recital: Ballet OR tap.

Tuition: $60/month

Costume fee: $65.

The main goal of this class is to maintain a happy, fun-loving atmosphere, while nurturing a love for dance in each child. We encourage sharing, helping each other, getting along, listening and following directions. Basic ballet and tap techniques as well as basic tumbling skills are incorporated.

Basic Dance- Kindergarten, 1 hr. weekly, Recital: ballet and tap.

Tuition: $76/month

Costume fee: $130

In Basic Dance, dancers learn the basics of dance and class etiquette in a gentle and nurturing manner. Children learn correct body alignment, body positions, terminology and proper ballet technique, listening skills and getting along with others while having fun. We also include some basic tumbling to help with strength and flexibility.

Fundamentals  (grades 1-2):  1 ¼ hr. class, Recital:  ballet and jazz.

Tuition: $88

Costume fee: $140

At this stage we begin to formalize the young dancers training, concentrating on proper technique, terminology, rhythm, coordination, strength, flexibility and teamwork. Though we do expect a certain level of respect and discipline, we also believe that an enjoyable environment is one that is conducive to learning. At this level, class consists of ballet, tap and jazz, and students will perform Jazz in the recital for the first time.

Advanced Fundamentals  (1-2 grade) and Intermediate 1 (3-4 grade):  1 ½ hr class, ballet, tap, and jazz, Recital: 3 dances.

Tuition: $105/month

Costume fee-$160

 See  Fundaments 1 and Intermediate 2 for class description

Intermediate (2-3 grade): 2 hr class, ballet, tap, and jazz, Recital: 3 dances.

Tuition: $130/month

Costume fee-$180

At the Intermediate level, we expect more from the dancer. The students are encouraged to study ballet, tap and jazz to make for a well-rounded program of dance. It is here that we fine-tune the dancers before they move on to the next division. We try to challenge the dancer more at this level and teach them how to help themselves learn better. At this point, we also expect that students respect each other and their teachers as well as themselves and the art of dance.

 Teen and Senior Comp: (grades 6+) 1/2 -1 hr. length classes, Recital: 1 dance for each class taken.

Costume fee: $75 per costume.

As there are more options for dancers at this level, they may now pick and choose the classes they wish to take, although we strongly encourage that they continue with ballet as it is the foundation of all dance. We recommended that these students take advantage of our, designed to make it more affordable for students to take multiple classes and try many different styles. The Excel program affords us the opportunity to work with you and the student to customize the dance curriculum, so as to best fit the dancers needs and desires. Attendance is an important aspect of the dancers training and should not be taken lightly.

Options: Ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, competition (invitation or try-outs)

Modern/Contemporary/Lyrical (grades 7-12): ¾ hr. class, Recital: 1 dance. 

Tuition: $60/month

Costume fee: $75-$85

 In this class, students will work to develop strength, control and balance as well as interpretation. This program is intended for the dedicated student who wishes to broaden her experiences in different forms of dance, but can also be enjoyed by the student who just wishes to gain self esteem.

Hip-Hop/Musical Theater/Broadway Jazz/Acro (grades 2-12): 1/2 hr. class, Recital: 1 dance per genre

Tuition: see hourly rates

Costume fee: $70-$85

In this class students will learn the most popular style of dance today. Music and dance moves are all age appropriate. We try to keep a relaxed and fun-filled environment, while maintaining proper training. Dancers will focus on strength, coordination and musicality.

Competition Team:

We offer a mini-competition team for dancers from grades 1-3 who have been selected by the teachers as students who show the ability to take class well, attend regularly, are excellent performers on stage and have demonstrated that they are ready to progress at a faster pace. These dancers take an extra class each week, in addition to their ballet/tap/jazz class. Participants will be part of our leveled ballet classes who will be performing a Nutcracker repertoire in the winter, as well as for the opening number of our 2023 recital. They are also encouraged to take Hip Hop as that is one of the genres we like to perform at competition. These dancers will compete in one or two competitions per year, at the end of March/beginning of April. All of their dances will also be performed at the recital. 

Tuition is discounted based on hours/wk. Please inquire for details.

Costumes: $70-$80 per costume (up to 5 costumes)

Petite/Junior/Teen/Senior Competition opportunities are offered to dancers in grades 4-12. Students are invited by the teachers to participate in this program. This program is offered to those who simply love to dance and want to perform at a higher level, but also for those who are looking to dance in college and beyond. Since all of our teachers are college trained, they are great resources in the process of preparing for this pursuit. Dancers wishing to compete during the year, are  required to participate in the summer dance program. Our dancers will be in our leveled ballet program, which will perform a Nutcracker repertoire in the winter, as well as for the opening of our recital. They will also attend 2 competitions at the end of March/beginning of April. This is a team effort and all who participate must be at all classes and performances. Students will also perform these dances in the recital.

Tuition is discounted based on hours/wk. Please inquire for details

Costumes: $75-$85 per costume. (5-6 costumes)

Please email dancermom5@aol.com for multi-class and family tuition rates.